fileg (fileg) wrote,

the anime flu cure

I have that nyquil induced urge to sleep 20 hours at a stretch, and no particular ability to use the language half of my brain. Jim fell at work today and limped home on a bad ankle.

Really, we should both take advil and go to bed (umm, floor, I mean, the bed is still drying out from the big leak. Don't we sound pitiful? *can't stop laughing*)

But, we are happily propped up on the couch. He's eating leftover cold fried chicken, and I am poking at peanut butter on a lowcarb bagel that my sweetie made me.

Because I got a package from - so we have Last Exile VI - Queen Delphine.

I should have put it away for our rapidly approaching anniversary. And, I'm sure I will zone in and out.

But neither of us could wait, ...

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