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Outback town adjusts for rocker's film
By Lawrie Zion
October 14, 2004

THE normally quiet town of Winton in Queensland's central west has been temporarily transformed as some of the best-known actors from Britain and Australia settle in for the next eight weeks to shoot Nick Cave's epic-scale period drama, The Proposition.

Set in the 1880s and written by Cave, the $20 million Australia/Britain co-production stars Guy Pearce as one of three brothers wanted for a brutal crime. Pearce's co-stars include Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast); Danny Huston, who appears alongside Nicole Kidman in the upcoming drama Birth; dual Oscar nominee Emily Watson (Hilary and Jackie); John Hurt (Love and Death in Long Island); and David Wenham, who is cast somewhat against type as an upper class Anglo-Australian landowner.

Other Australians set to appear in the film include David Gulpilil, Leah Purcell, and Tommy Lewis.

Cave is not appearing in The Proposition, but the Britain-based Australian musician has been in Winton in recent weeks attending rehearsals, and will write the film's score once shooting is completed.

The film is being directed by John Hillcoat, whose previous credits include the 1998 film Ghosts ... of the Civil Dead, which featured Cave as a psychopath called Maynard. Chris Brown, who is one of the film's Australian producers, told The Australian that Winton had been chosen as the main location because "it has a certain starkness that conveys a sense of the outback".

Ross Entwistle, managing director of the film's distributor Columbia TriStar, expects The Proposition to be very different from the recent production of Ned Kelly, which failed to generate the expected excitement with audiences, despite its strong casting.

"It's not a traditional bushranger movie featuring men with beards. It's dark and brutal, but ultimately it's a morality tale," he said.

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The Australian

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