fileg (fileg) wrote,

be my music/dream therapist

I woke up with a song running obsessively through my mind.

There's nothing particularly strange about that - it happens to me quite often. In fact, its not an unfrequent occurrence to find that Jim and I have both woken up with the *same* endless loop. (most recently it has been various Ranma theme songs) I'll wake up with 8 bars of music going round and round, over and over, and suddenly I'll hear him in the bathroom trying to hum the same phrase around a mouthful of listerine.

The most dangerous thing is when one of us is possessed and then decides to pass the phrase over and share. When that happens, one of us will usually try to drive the earworm out by singing something from * the danger list* - a short list of songs so insidious, they will kill the earworm on contact - but only by leaving you with the danger song in it's place.

Sometimes, though, I get answers to my waking questions by having a phrase stuck that eventually I realize is a message from the collective unconscious.

This morning I woke up with the first verse and chorus of Gordon Lightfoot's Magnificient Outpouring. I have no clue, and I cannot stop.

If you know the music that goes with this, you will probably get stuck with it now too - and I apologize for that. The Full lyrics are under the link, but this is the part I am stuck on. Gah! What does it mean?

It is said that all the good things
Must come to him who can pretend
He doesn't have to wait
For as surely as the light of day
Must come to drive the night away
The needles and the pins
That's where the line begins

With your magnificent outpouring
Of that old familiar story
That's been used a million times
To ease a million minds

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