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fic: collaboration

During my recent crisis of writing faith, I was encouraged (as always) by gladio to try something new. Some of you were brave enough to respond to the place that led me - to try the tag-team challenge at HASA with a partner. This is the first result, a collaboration with faramir_boromir.

Writing with a partner does not come easily to me - Jim is the only person I have done extensive work with, but most of that is private and we have the advantage of being in the same place while we work. Chris and I have tried it with varying degrees of success (we do best when we talk a story together but only one of us writes it), and Flick's talent has carried me through a couple of tries.

I liked both the experience and the result. I think I learned as much, if not more, about my own process as I did about collaborating. And of course, I will be exceptionally interested in any comments or reactions.

Title: Collaboration
Authors: Fileg and Faramir_boromir
Characters: Faramir, Boromir
Warnings: None, It's G and Gen

Written originally for the Tag-Team challenge at HASA


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