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dark guardians

I have been reading through a few Friday Fives lists as i try to play a little catch-up today. I stopped doing them myself a while ago, because they usually require contrasting fandoms to play well, and although I *do* have several interests deep enough to be considered my fandoms, i don't usually think of it that way. I think because I only write for LoTR and that really limits the scope of the questions for me.

Character questions are sometimes the hardest for me to answer, for a simple reason, and one most of you know quite well about me - I have always been a fantasy/mythology/science fiction fan. But when it comes to SF, I usually fall in love with the ship. "Kirk or Spock?" my friends would ask. "Enterprise" I replied.

But in looking at the answers this week, to the question What five characters do you find the most interesting and why? I am seeing an old pattern of mine - dark guardians. I adore them. Masked, mysterious, thrilling - good guys who look like they should be bad guys - but are the good guys never-the-less, best-guys really, at least for me.

This is different from a more common theme I see among my friends -Chris springs to mind. She finds her eye (if not always her heart) drawn to the bad boys: Lurtz. Loki, Jayne, Gul Dukat. For me, it's not the bad boys, but the angels in black.

What five characters do you find the most interesting and why?

1. Bagheera - one of the first for me, and formative. Because of course you should have a panther for a guardian. Probably where I learned that the predator process turned to the thought of protectiveness and love was the most intriguing thing I would ever find. Sleek and beautiful.

2. Beast. not the disney version, please! Not even the traditional French Boar version. It's wolfy for me, I think, but man-eating in any case. Because the danger in kissing those lips is the real risk, the life changing one. You can only gain what you are willing to risk. That's my second lesson.

3. Zorro: masked cunning. Intelligence and wit backed up with the willingness to put yourself on the line (lesson three). misdirection and risk.

4. Illya Kuryakin: less flashy doesn't mean less powerful. knowledge and application. hidden talents. well and widely read with and answer or an engineering solution for any situation.

5. Faramir: One of the things that amuses me is how often people in my fandom tell me they didn't like book!Faramir because he's a goody goody. (Holds head like a stunned monkey) Faramir is the epitome of the dark guardian to me, and the absolute master of "Living quietly to fool the eagle." He is every one of the lessons I listed above. I don't think he looked placid or safe to Sam and Frodo when he appeared and disappeared into the woods like a dream, hooded and cloaked, holding their lives in the breath of his word. His passion for the truth is balanced by the diplomat's way with manipulation. He is a sword in the open, but a feathered dart in the dark. He knows how to use knowledge and muscle. Well, if you read my journal or fic at all, you know I believe all this. He's not just an answer for me, he's *the* answer.

now, who do you think almost made my list?

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