fileg (fileg) wrote,

I have just come aboard at TFF, the Tolkien Fan Fiction Archive, as an admin, and will be working with Story Challenges

When I wrote my very first piece of fan fiction (a little more than a year ago) it was in response to a challenge. I am unlikely to ever become the most prolific writer in our genera, but I am surprised every time a new story comes to me, and challenges were responsible for many of them. I miss the immediacy the weekend challenges brought to me, and I would like to see that come back.

We would really like the Challenges at TFF to be everything the writers want - so, in that spirit, why not let us know what makes a challenge work for you, and what kinds you would like to see?

Fell free to answer here, or in the TFF forum on challenges
( )

I would like to see both on site and on line challenges. Thoughts?

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