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Our new power books are named after - Claus (me) and Lavie (Previously Jim's 17 inch) from Last Exile. They gave us the best combination of paired characters, ones we *both* really loved, and without the tempting of the sympathetic magic gods. (Chris once named a kitten Loki, and he ate her couch) Claus often seems like young Faramir to me, (as Jim reminds me of grown Faramir) and both Jim and I see more than a little of me in Lavie's temper and attitude. You guys had some terrific suggestions, though my favorites were a little scary, superstitious-wise. I am holding on to them for the future.

We are switched over, upgraded and working out the missing cookies, passwords I had long since forgotten, all that jazz. Claus works so smoothly, compared to the cascade of problems I have been having with Titania. Getting used to a new center of gravity is going to take a little time, as is the fact that my keyboard is now so far away from my usual wrist position. Claus has exceptional colour, and even my 21 inch desk monitor can't compare. I have been tempted into spending time making new screen graphics and desktops for the new size.

we are looking at a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us, some movies or anime and hopefully straightening out the programs I haven't been able to run for awhile (especially my Sims, I miss my sim families); the nest of notes and pieces that is my writing folder; getting all my i-tunes purchases transfered over to Claus (I didn't realize the stuff I've bought was liscence specifi to Titania. That seems pointless legality to me, and I am pissy at the music laws that made it up. Pick some other way to track sales, for goodness sake. People get new computers! And I have yet to figure out how to get the music out of the "purchased" bin and mixed into my playlists - please help if you know how!) and the long delayed work on the website. (This is planned to include throwing out some of the old icons, especially ones I made for games and have no connection to, so if you want something let me know or suck it down now.) I want to make icons from the new rudolph-style Rubberband Man commercial, how sad it that? But I love it.

I have a few bigger graphics projects in the works, too - and usually we start work on the yule cards now, but sadly, we have not settled on a final idea.

And since I am not doing a big *for company* Harvest cleaning, I want to sort and wrap the yulies I've been squirreling away and see what still needs to be prepped for the winter holidays.

Chris is headed for New Hampshire, since this may be the last year all of her family live close enough to be together for the holidays. She stopped on Saturday and we made plans for a harvest feast in between Thanksgiving and Yule. She also addicted me to "Dead like Me" while we went over our yulie lists to mark off things that have already been bought and done.

Jim and I intended to see National Treasure tonight for cheap-date night, but it seemed silly to keep him out late when we can do that over the long weekend. Besides, in spite of his needle-phobia he got up early this morning and went to give blood, so he was already a little toasty. We are both looking forward to that and Kinsey. Tonight we taped House, and tried to wrap our brains around Hugh Laurie's American accent.

And serendipitously, we got a phone call just as we would have had to leave, which led to a drive by visit from Terry persephonesbear, Melissa octoberscorpio and Jen sharpiechick, all wearing shiny lame turkey hats. Jen bobbing her head to make her turkey peck at her sister's nearly did me physical harm. And they took away a bag of Aloha shirts that Jim was parting with, so I can pretend I emptied a basket of laundry today.

Liss brought her gerbils so I could see them, how cool is that? Not too many visiting rodent services out there - and Morgan (just like a little Meercat) and Blaze (who really looks like she wanted to be a paint pony) are so cute. I am sensing rodent withdrawal, so in spite of how nice it is with no cages to clean, I am thinking about one solitary blueberry after the holidays again.

They brought me a present I have been hunting since my favorite notebooks stopped being made - large, ledger sized books with yellow paper that is lined on one side and graphed on the other. This is my optimal writing by hand paper, and I have really missed the old notebooks. Something about the blank white page, even with lines, makes me freeze up when I go to write in them. These will spook me with their pristine beauty for a few days, but once I start writing on the yellow pages, it will draw me right in. I will soak the nib and refill my copper Targa with soft green ink tonight and it will have a full draw and be ready when I am. Fountain pen and powerbook - my favorite combination!

I post weird poetic stuff no one understands

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