fileg (fileg) wrote,

We have gone from huge numbers of people gathered around every flat surface in the house to Jim and I eating pumpkin macadamia soup on the couch as a holiday feast.

I am truly glad to have had those huge gatherings, and I am now truly glad to have a quiet day together (though the Middle ground - with Chris and Annalise and Lee is probably my favorite variation)

I am glad to have the family stories -

my mom freaking out the kids by removing her artificial leg when she was too full

the 28 lb turkey that collapsed the oven rack, and Lee had to swath it in kitchen towels and carry it next door to Robin's oven while Jim put out the fire

Powzie waking me just ahead of the smoke alarm to tell me of the oven accident (smart kitty)

Elisa in her feety jammies dragging Bundab and trying to make the apparition of Jim's Parents vanish

The three things Les Girls knows about women (Elisa, who we thought was asleep rising partly from the sofa to contribute "Vaginal Orgasm is a myth!")

The boys from upstairs trying to be appalled at my other gay friends habits

But there is a tradition we no longer follow that I miss, if only intellectually-

When Robin lived next door, we decided to augment the tradition relish tray and cheese tray with what we all knew we wanted, really - the twinkie tray. We cut up all sorts of ringdings, cupcakes, peanut butter cups - you name it - and served it in a partitioned tupperware vegetable dip tray with fruit sauce, chocolate and whipped cream for dipping. Ah, the days of the sugar buzz....

We skipped sit down dinner and went directly to turkey sandwiches tonight - that's always been my favorite part. And Pumpkin soup - yumm. Tomorrow I'll make side dishes to go with the leftovers.

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