fileg (fileg) wrote,

I wish I had known this on Sunday...

Am falling way behind again. Arrrgh. Was nearly caught up to you lot, and yesterday, Jim and I were watching the end episodes of Last Exile (!!) and just as it ended, my cable went out. Everything at once - tv, internet, the entire shebang. Our entire complex, probably more. Insert semi-annial what it takes to get satisfaction from Comcast rant here. When the tv had (finally) been back for almost two hours, I called again and spoke to someone on the Interneet side, since, as I suspected they were happy to leave me hanging. It enrages me that if *two* people complain about lack of TV, they will send someone day or night. But if your internet goes out, you can have the next available appointment, usually at least a week away. I had better luck this time, but only because I was willing to be the nemesis-bitch.

So... On Sunday, I had dinner with Chris and her brother Honest Bob and his wife Donna. Bob and Donna, in addition to being incredibly interesting and cool people, are timber framers. I think I have written before that when PBS filmed their series on ancient technology, Bob and Donna were chosen to be on the American Team when they filmed the episode "trebuchet" in Scotland.

So I nearly performed an audible squee tonight watching the ROTK appendices - when John Howe talks about Grond and seige engines, they showed a very short clip of the American team's trebuchet!

as to the rest - well, you know...
I'll talk soon. But it makes me crazed about not writing, and that could be the best, if only it wasn't solstice cleaning frenzy time. I really miss Jim - usually he has so much vacation left that he takes every Monday between Thanksgiving and Yule, but this year, though he has the time, they are doing the big project at work now (brilliant) I hate the anxious, will I get done part of the winter holidays.

Still, I love it once the cleaning is over - wrapping and visiting and all that is the jazz for me.

And even in the midst of it, I really want to be writing. Which would be great if I could stop watching....

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