fileg (fileg) wrote,

He brings me the sun

*jim and fileg, caroling...*

Throw the yule log on, Uncle John
Throw the yule log on, Uncle John
throw the yule log on, throw the yule log on-
Throw the yule log on Uncle John

well, enough of that.

We don't open presents until next week, but I have gotten a few already - the kind that don't come under the tree. I am a very lucky sparrow. *throws kisses*

Because he brings me the sun...

This is what happens when I ask Jim (notarysojac) to box up the mail (See, so me carefully cleaning fountain pens for solstice is not the only quirk of solstice preparation.)

This package is going to Annaliese in a recycled Amazon box (but it's not her Yulie, just some stupendously awful hats to go with her "50 ebay wigs" collection. We scavenged them for her when we cleaned out Jim's Mom's house.) presents in the mail after New Years when I round them all up, except for your ROTKEE which should be on the way. Since this package has tongue and cigarette, we are calling it the Bean box.

One of the models Jim brought home from Moms to take pictures of and scuttle. There may be more in his journal.

Paul and Betty's wedding Cake Topper (circa 1943)

doesn't the tree look inexplicably tropical? We went with a little tree this year, because we wanted a real one and Jim fell in love with this one. My house smells great, and I love the Raven's nest. *wink*

lights and aiglos icicles

this shot is blurry, but I love that raven is handing the sun to Aragorn on Brego atop the bookcase (take that, Houses of Healing) Four shelves down, you can see a fileg waiting for that raven to come home and roost, or invite her into the tree. (Oooh, I now need to put my sparrows in the tree!)

Behind the tree you can see Edward Scissorhands, Aragorn and Boromir, and Vincent Valentine. There's an old pewter Faramir there too, about four inches tall, but not showing up.

Further down you can see stuffy InuYasha riding Kirara, and Lavie Head's mountain goat - and the top of big Aragorn's head and torch.

Ah, and the hamster Santa Lucia is "Evil." She was one of a pair I saved, but they both had massive genetic defects. I didn't realize for a month that Evil was blind, which may be why she was so anxious to bite. Her real name was Illya, and her sister was Solo, but they came to be known as The Flying Piranhas of Love.

My house is not mother-visiting clean, (not that I expect her! And she was never *that* mother anyway - she was the mother who ate icing off the cake with her fingers while you were trying to find candles) but it's cleaner than it's been for awhile (I don't really get the point of dusting, especially when you live downstairs from the buffalo people)

Jim is vacuuming (Jim has always vacuumed without being asked. He did it at work once when they were getting ready for a party, and he moved all the tables to vacuum behind them. He also cleans the coffee pots, because he has seen the way the other guys clean it - once he left the pot soaking with water and vinegar and the guys made coffee with it. The women he works with all want to keep him. He has virtually no traditional man habits - he was raised in the women's tent.

Happy, Merry, Joy!!!

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