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tides (for my ravens)

Because the challenge at great_write_way is about falling, there are numerous entries (no surprise) about falling in love. I just had the urge to share this song - Rising In Love by folkie David Roth. hear it here

Everyone looks for their calling in love, but I always find it surprising,
The way people say that they're falling in love, when I always felt I was rising.
Floating right off of the ground and reaching something I only had dreamed of.
I'm not falling at all, I am rising in love.

Everyone talks about tying the knot, but I have a hard time agreeing
With the way that we bind up the love that we've got,
when the feeling of love should be freeing.
Oh, lifting each other up, instead of giving one another a shove.
We won't be falling at all, we'll be rising in love.

(chorus with filegs:)
How do you let love grow?
You've got to give it a chance when you've found it.
A bird in your hand will stay until
You start to close your fingers around it.

Love is the river whose waters we test,
And a measure of where we are going.
But you never can step in the same river twice,
For the water is constantly flowing.
But the deeper the river, the greater the trust,
And the more that we're rising above.
We won't be falling at all, we'll be rising in love.

I'm not falling at all, I am rising in love...

Jim and I celebrate a plethora of anniversaries. This is the big one, to us, New Year's Eve, 1977. (though we only expect our friends to remember Halloween, our Handfasting)

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