fileg (fileg) wrote,

yule notes

In spite of several moments when I thought our plans would be scrapped by a series of friends with emergencies, we spent a lovely weekend opening gifts, eating bad-for-us food, connecting with long lost companions and talking books and video.

If I told you what I received, I would feel like a good little consumer, right out of Brave New World. I am spoiled rotten, and the only good thing that can be said for me is that I am aware of it, aware of how rare the opportunity to be so spoiled is, and I never take it for granted. I'll share some of the goodies with you as I take pics and sort through the piles of amazing loot.

What touched me most of all this year was how many people all around the world sent me greetings and gifts. I burst into tears whenever the mail came for days and days, feeling like a fraud for being so loved when I can't imagine what I might have done to deserve it.

Tonight I want to send my special thanks to kortirion. who not only wrote me this exquisite story, about my own characters, but then sent me the actual necklace she describes therein.

I'm surprised you didn't hear my initial yelp of surprise when I opened the package! Then, words failed me and I got all sniffly, which has continued to happen every time I see the raven. I hope to eventually get enough of a grip on language to thank you properly. *hugs* from me, and especially from North.


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