fileg (fileg) wrote,

my guardian spirits are practical jokers

not too bad last night - only one outage that required waking jim. maybe I am really back.

So, Jim and I have been sleeping on Air mattress #2 on the bedroom floor since about yule. We have been comfortable and happy, and the store said he could return mattress #1 (which lost its structural integrity and had dumped us into the remains of the platform of the old water bed, and left me so gimped up that Jim went out in a snow storm to replace it.)

Tuesday, during the kidnapping by Chris, Jim ran in and returned it, no problem.

So, Tuesday night, the new mattress lost all structural integrity, and I woke up on the floor. Ah, timing is everything.

I am going to try for a nap on the couch now, if I can stop laughing and crying. And She actually didn't vacuum all morning! Missed opportunities!

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