fileg (fileg) wrote,

lost speculation

now that they have show Boone being injured, I'm taking him off my list for who gets killed off before the season ender.

I was originally hoping for Shannon, but she (or I) may be coming around. Now maybe I'm hoping for Jin. Though personally I would pick Jack just on likes and dislikes (that makes lousy plot/dynamics though) I like Jack less all the time, impossible as that seems... last night made me want to smack him something fierce.

I could, sadly, see Locke if he's had a relapse - he may be ready to become one with the island. Saywer if Dr SmartAss has misdiagnosed him. Or Hurley - just because those are my three favorites, and thats usually how it goes.

I'm also wondering about Walt having a hand in it - again. talk about creepy powers - that would change the parameters.

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