fileg (fileg) wrote,

no sleep for the wicked

About 10 minutes after Jim left for work, the phone rang. I never pick it up until I hear a voice on my machine, because everyone who calls me knows that. They also know that calling me a 9 am is the equivalent of calling most people at 2 am.

Worst kind of annoying caller - call, no voice hang up. again, three minutes later. again, three minutes after that. When the forth set began, I picked it up, saying "What?" instead of hello. I told the phone solicitor that not everyone is a 9 to 5. Who do they expect to get at home in the morning? people who are on a night schedule, home sick or home with small/or sick kids are my big guesses. Occasionally people on vacation. I imagine we all love the 9am callers. Then I asked why in gods name they don't either leave a message or stop calling. What the hell is the point of calling over and over when there's no answer? He had no answer to that, either.

I go back to bed and about 5 minutes later, the industrial vacuuming from hell begins. Most days now I manage to tune it out, but I'm wide awake and already annoyed. Soon it's the shower and the vacuum at the same time, and now I have to get up and pee, amusing myself that I will at least get to flush while the shower is running since I have not had a decent temperature shower since they moved in. I go down the hall and flush the other toilet, too. Because I can.

now it gets weird.

The phone rings as I am walking back to the bedroom, and I pick it up, managing to be civil until I hear if it's the same voice. Surprise! It's not.

I now have a completely surreal conversation with a young man. He asks for me as Tay, I ask what he wants, and he tells me he is in a band, and it's name. I assume at this point he is going to want information on our venue, which has been on hiatus for a year and has no current schedule or plans to resume. But no, he tells me his band is scheduled to play at the the Mine Street Coffeehouse this weekend. Okaaaay.... sometimes John or I get requests to come see bands that want to play for us.... but no. He has been trying to call Mine Street, and there is no answer at any of their numbers, and he is hoping I can give him the information he needs about his gig.

I think for a minute. "Mine Street?" I ask "Aren't they in New Brunswick?"
"Yes" he says.

I think. I know I have been to a few concerts there, but not for a year or more. I had heard their Bookings guy had health problems and that the venue was going to close, or at least move. I heard some other rumor-y things as well. None of this information is recent. I am unable to help nice young musician, nor do I understand why he decided to call me (except perhaps that I have sort of an underground reputation for rescuing stranded musicians on odd occasions.)

The entire time I was on the phone, I kept expecting our bookings guy, or someone from OSS at the least, to break in and April Fools me. But it seems to have been the regular confluence of weirdness that I collect.

Anyway, at that point I stayed up, and so got to talk Jim into coming home for lunch. Now I am thinking nap.

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