fileg (fileg) wrote,

icon crankiness

geeky complaint that won't mean much to most of you:

From time to time I will have an entry in an icon challenge come back to me with a note asking me to explain how it fits the theme. My brain can be a little out there, I know.... and some of the challenges are open to multiple fandoms. I usually explain and have them accepted without a problem, except me sometimes feeling like Captain Obvious.

(Ex - why is a view of a planet from space applicable to a "scenery" theme? Ummm - if your in a spaceship, that's what's outside your window?)

But I had my entry bounced back from a Saiyuki hush challenge this week. Hey, it's only one fandom! . The theme was hate, and I iconed Doctor Ni. Got the note asking me to explain how that fits the theme.

I did not defend it. I found that I was incapable of thinking of anything I could possibly say to someone who runs a challenge in the fandom if they felt the need to ask.

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