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since I know some of you are interested in theater and production (kortirion, shuttergal) - go to rollick's opera review, just to see the picture of fafner. Wow.

and since Jim has been complaining all day about the lack of good April Fools at his usual favorite spots, here's a link to a review of the new Peter Jackson gorefest Dead/Alive: Intestine Boy, staring our favorite LOTR boys....

By Dee Capitatione
Published: Friday, April 1, 2005

Last week, a film of epidemic proportions was released into theaters and had audience members reeling from its after effects. The film is Peter Jackson's long awaited sequel to his ultra-violent zombie classic, "Brain Dead", aka "Dead Alive." Jackson, who had just received monstrous success from critics and fans alike for his "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, was quoted as saying "this film is something I've been working on for nearly a decade. Even while shooting for LOTR, and we finished up in time for pre-production of "King Kong" Suffice to say, Jackson's efforts weren't to be overlooked.

The cinematic genius behind films like "Meet the Feebles" and "Bad Taste" has proved that such monumental success has not hindered his creative and gore-ridden abilities, and the sequel aptly titled "Dead Alive 2: Intestine Boy" didn't leave his fans disappointed. The film is so gruesome and blood-drenched, that the MPAA was more than eager to label this film NC-17, and due to the record-breaking 2,000 gallons of cow blood used, there wasn't a dry seat in the house.

"DA2" debuted in the famous Sydney Auditorium amid a boisterous crowd of nearly three hundred Aussies and New Zealanders. When the curtain furled upwards and opening credits lit up the screen, a massive roar echoed the overwhelming response of hundreds of zombie fans. The first shot of the film was indeed worthy of its notoriety. A series of zombies are shot and thrown off a ship into waters teeming with Great White Sharks! Jackson is quoted as saying, "We spent two days chumming the waters off the Red Triangle, a favorite hunting ground for Whites, and when we threw those blood-filled dummies in, well, you can just see the film."

The cast was a familiar one, with most LOTR members helping out their favorite director. Viggo Mortensen was thrilled to play the head zombie named Sickle Head, as was Sean Bean, those his screen time as a skateboarder was cut short when Jackson decided to disembowel his young star. Timothy Balme, the hero from the first film was once again in charge of ridding his town of zombies, though his efforts in this film were much more arduous and extreme. Most notable was a scene that involved Balme pretending to be a zombie and forcing himself to shovel a handful of guts in his mouth, then at the request of the zombies, eat the decaying privates of a zombie mortician. The NC-17 rating was not questioned.

When the film hits American theaters next month, film-goers will be warned before they enter the film and given complimentary vomit bags. The viewings of the film in Australia and New Zealand were met with tremendous praise, but also with unsurpassed queasiness. Numerous men and women were escorted from the theater for unrestrained "heaving," and three were transported to local hospitals for seizures. All three had no epileptic history.

Whether the film flies in the U.S. or not remains to be seen, but with fifteen Aussie Academy Award nominations, and a gross of already 100 million dollars, "DA2" is to become an instant cult classic the world will remember forever.

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