fileg (fileg) wrote,

NPM- Sparrows Song

Sparrow's Song
By Gwen Knighton

See the jagged edges blurring,
Watch the changes taking place,
Plot the path ahead that stretches long.
Sit here in the dusk, too close to see,
Close your eyes, lean back, and let me
Sing you once again the sparrow's song.

The sparrow's song, the sparrow's song,
Heals the heart and rights the wrong,
Darkness banish, light espouse:
It'll hold you safe in this safe house.

As the sparrow, I have traveled
On the same roads that you walk,
And I've seen dark places of my own.
When the road seems long and narrow,
I remember I'm a sparrow,
Battling the darkness with my song.

Lay the myth on, call the magic,
All this drama's just a hat trick
Through it all the sparrow darts and sings.
There's a sparrow deep inside you:
Listen and that song will come through,
Take a breath and ride the sparrow's wings.
Tags: poetry, poetry and lyrics, poetry month

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