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I've been away all night. We met friends for Sin City and then went for a late dinner.

All the people I've seen mention Sin City loved or hated it. I like some of it quite a bit, found much of the graphic style interesting, but there were parts that left me cold. That's about how I would react to the graphic novel, so that may tell you how it is. I find violence boring and stupid, generally, and this did not break that pattern. I did like the noir dialog, some beautiful panels of art. I would have sent Jim without me, but we have not seen Christopher since Yule. On the other hand, I expected to have my eyes closed all the way through, and that was not the case either.

I found it long (I must have spent the last third of the movie expecting every cut to be the end) and draggy - I expected it to be after 10 when we got out of the theater, but it turned out to be just barely after 9pm. Neither of these are good comments (especially from someone who can watch 13 hours of miniseries at a sitting if I have Chris to encourage me, sat comfortable through trilogy tuesday, and has been known to watch 12 dvds of an anime over a weekend)

Clive Owen's character had a great look, and Elijah Wood is now the poster boy for freaky-deaky powers of creep.
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