fileg (fileg) wrote,

Lost observation

nothing spoilery, just a character observation that I make every week.

I so don't get why Sawyer is considered such a malcontent just because he doesn't like to be treated badly. It seems to me that whenever anyone has *asked* him for something, rather than demanding it, he has coughed it it up. (possibly with a little banter on the way, but the item is forthcoming).

Jack the Lad, on the other hand - why is he the good guy? He strikes me as a veneer of politeness and logic over a schoolyard bully. I dislike him more every episode. Tonight's - not ask Sawyer for, or even go get from Sawyer, but the barked order - go ransack Sawyers stuff and get... Nice. And when Hurley asks why he's being sent to find someone, he gets the same "because I said so" treatment. (And please don't tell me how stressed Jack was tonight - as I said, I say this every blessed week.) Everything is always about him, him, him. what a jerk. Last weeks incident of using the diagnosing of Sawyer to embarrass him? I'm still crazed. Nice going, doc.

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