fileg (fileg) wrote,

NPM Stokes

Frank Stokes

Two they are,
though not a pair, for each
is wholly alone.

In heft of feathered
husk these robins have wrapped
themselves today,

and they must weigh
alone the heaviness,
the earth pull.

No one could here
pretend that soaring is
their gifted deed,

that they hold title
to the air that fills
their ducted bones.

To see them thus--
on thick-twigged shafts stubbed
into wing-high grass--

is to know the price
of flight, the winged mass
that ransoms fetters.

All flying
creatures know the weight
of cargoed self.

You watchers
who study passive flight
and sunlit airs,

it will take more
than hollow bones to loose you
from the soil

that feeds them now,
fastened among the roots
of plain song.
Tags: poetry, poetry and lyrics, poetry month

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