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Last night, the connection went out at 7:24. We tried restarting (modem, router, etc etc,)
Jim says : I have had to restart this modem more in the month we have had it than I had to restart the previous one in two years.

I call, and they tell me in a chipper voice, Yes, they know I have no service. They are experiencing a *nationwide* outage. They think someone must be working on it, but they can't tell me what happened, or when my connection might be back.

It was the chipper little voice that plunged the knife in. I know there is no point in being surly with minions of this low level, but dear god, she sounded so proud when she said NATIONWIDE! They could at least tell them what the script they are reading means.

currently contemplating what could cause a nation wide outage. Jim's first guess was technical, but my first guess is someone pushed the big button marked "do not push"

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