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joey ramone

I just got this message over the iddiots-delight line:

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I say thanks for this!

This Sunday Nov. 30, 2003, the corner of 2nd Street and The Bowery in Manhattan will be officially named JOEY RAMONE WAY by the City Of New York. The 1-hour long ceremony begins at 1 PM Sunday afternoon, right outside CBGB.
There will be lots of cool "speakers" ... lots of Joey's friends gathering to honor their compañero. The public is invited. I think we should jam the neighborhood with well-wishers and good wishes!

What a terrific recognition of Joey! Way to go New York City!

Vin Scelsa

PS Up until just a few days ago the name was to be Joey Ramone Place ... but it was changed to Joey Ramone Way. Which has a kind of a Zen quality to it, doncha think? I like it. "The Way of Joey" - gabba gabba hey!
Tags: music

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