fileg (fileg) wrote,

language escapees

during the ins and outs of comcast (ah, now there's a title for a geek soap opera if ever there was one - young internet lovers held apart by their unreliable connections....) we were taking turns on a schedule to see if we had any connection. On one of Jim's turns, he did, and said to me - "I can reach google"

Only, he was tired and eating cheese, and what he actually said to me was "I can reach goggle."

In the circumstances, this broke a big tension block, and we found it funny out of all proportion and continued to play with the concept, passing through google goggles, (which I intend to call his reading glasses from now on), and several other bits of sillyness, untill Jim invented the concept of "Beer Googles"

This is for people who troll the internet for pr0n, instead of bars for pickups. Instead of lowering your standards as you get drunk, you lower your expectation of good pr0n hits as you get tired and punchy, and though you may start out looking for specific celebrities or a certain level of talent, you end up in a puddle in the recliner with the massage function on, drooling and typing plaintive requests like "noooooky" and eating popcorn with a spoon.

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