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NPM dave carter

Dave Carter

236-6132 is the number of my love
even though it's been some time since he made fair to answer
'cause he feints and fades from view like a fighter ducks a glove
though i play the highway kind and he the china dancer
if i was afraid to break or bleed
i would find someone much easier to need
but when drifters' dreams come true and when push comes 'round to shove
236-6132 is the number of my love

236-6132 is the number i must call
when casey's at the bat, and sleeping beauty slumbers
when the frost is on the dew, and my teardrops freeze and fall
till the world is frozen flat, and the long night snows me under
on the icy nails of no return
we will strike the match and set the night to burn
'cause when beauty wakes anew and when casey cracks the ball
236-6132 is the only number

i am not looking for no champion of my freedom
i am anything but anybody's foundling
sometimes i feel like i am wandering, an old balloon on broken string
a bubble in a baby's dream, a lost and lonely buzzardling
a vulture beating creaky wings, while angry storms go gathering around me

236-6132 is the number of my love
when the clouds are howlin rain and the sky is black as ashes
'cause it's sunlight where we flew, though the trail is cold above
and the raven quakes in vain while the lightning barks and flashes
still the clouds will fade to gray cocoons
and spring the winken monarchs, nodding never-blinken moons
when the crows come home to roost and the eagle weds the dove
236-6132 is the number of my love
Tags: poetry, poetry and lyrics, poetry month

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