fileg (fileg) wrote,

even the best slip up....

it was moring, and Best Friend was at work, She wanted to use my Virtual Thesaurus account, but couldn't manage to figure out my sign on, so she calls my husband at work, and they proceed to have a conversation about my addresses, sign-ons and passwords.

Later, she called me, and repeated part of this conversation, which is how I found out. I gave her my VT password (which was randomly assigned nonsense).

Now, Chris works for the state, and though Jim had forgotten this - they record calls. Also, she works with a large group of people, many of whom I consider eminently untrustworthy. (to say the least)

So, she went off to find the phrase, and I?

I have been running around the web changing my passwords in every place I can think of.....

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