fileg (fileg) wrote,

on organized religion

I'm not sure that subject line isn't misleading. maybe this is just about me.

I don't understand why people put up with abuse when they don't have to. There's enough of the other to go around, after all....

When my birth family decided to treat with me by ignoring who I am and trying to guilt me because I am that person - I haven't spoken with them since.

My first husband hit me. Once. He never saw me again, (and he was the one thrown out.)

And when JohnXXIII died, I gave up belonging to an organized religion.

Why do Women continue to belong to an organization that tells them they are less then people and too stupid to understand what to do with their own bodies?

Personally, I say stand up and walk out!! Leave a group of celibate men, mostly old, with no one to abuse but each other, and no way to reproduce a new generation. When they come pleading about how they *need* women, then they can hear *our* terms.

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