fileg (fileg) wrote,

for oysterband fans

I got this email today....

If you’re curious about the DVD of our 25th Anniversary Show at The Forum in London and you haven’t acquired a copy already, you may be interested to know that it’s now available mail-order from Cliff Furnald in New Haven CT, in the NTSC format that’s generally used in N America.

He can supply it a little cheaper and a little faster than we can from England.....and it’s priced in US dollars. Go to:

It was a great gig (tho’ we say so ourselves) and we reckon the DVD captures the spirit of the night really well. We look at the archive video footage that’s also included and wonder if we were ever really that skinny...

Hope all is well in your world

best wishes

John, Alan, Chopper, Lee, Ian
PO Box 32100, London N4 1GR, GB

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