fileg (fileg) wrote,

quick excuse

I spent a longish, cranky day that involved being on the telephone for nearly 6 hours, and trying to track down the whereabouts of a package I expected to be delivered last week, only to find out it is listed as being left on my porch last Thursday at about 5 pm.

I am angry for so many reasons, beginning with why my current UPS guy cannot be arsed to ring the damn doorbell. He doesn't have to wait for me if he doesn't need a signature, but push the freakin button, dude. You're standing right next to it. (He did this again today, which is what made me suspicious, when the order I placed four days later showed up today)

Not only was I home all day, I was on the porch myself at about 4, and Jim was on the porch coming home from work by 6. A very small window unless someone ( read: I hate my neighbors) was *watching* my porch.

OK, I know I can't really blame them without proof- but they *watch* me all the time. Why? Y'all know I sleep late - recently I stepped out to get the mail at around 3pm to find one of them just stepping over the lavender onto my porch. It really creeps me out.

I was in the living room, on the other side of the door from whoever was on my porch stealing my stuff. Unless, of course, UPS delivered it somewhere completely unknown and punched in "left on porch"

This package had my sugar free chocolate order in it, and it cranks me up worse than ever NOT to have chocolate available while I am crazed and annoyed. Plus, I am expecting a package tomorrow for Jim with electronics - and short of sitting in the window all day, I have no guarantee of it arriving safely. Though I imagine they will require a signature for this.

And I am supposed to have dinner tonight with friends I seldom get to see, and at the moment, even though we are planning to go to the great italian place that is less than a block away, I am feeling disinclined to leave the house with them watching to see when I go. Not good for a mostly recovered agoraphobic.

And I want my old UPS guy back. I really really miss him.

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