fileg (fileg) wrote,

found tarot


showing strength, knowing you can endure, having a gallant spirit,
unshakable resolve, taking heart despite setbacks, having stamina

being patient, dealing calmly with frustration, taking your time,
maintaining composure, showing forbearance, being kind
being compassionate, tolerating, accepting, forgiving imperfection

achieving soft control, persuading, working with, guiding indirectly,
tempering force with benevolence, demonstrating the strength of love

I had a different picture in mind for this place- in fact, I had already loaded it. I will find a different spot for it. Because there is the description, right out of the book. It's always been true for me - not Force but Fortitude - Endurance and Grace.

And don't be fooled or think I am because this picture is movie!Faramir - this is his moment - "Then It Is Forfeit." Strength.

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