fileg (fileg) wrote,

sleep dilemma

today is the awaited day - they will be delivering the bed today.

Jim and I cleaned out the bedroom as it has seldom been cleaned (when there is literally a ton of water in the middle of the room, one doesn't move the bed to vacuum, etc.

Tonight we even manhandled out the center portion of our headboard (Obviously, it was never meant to be moved without having the lightbridge come down first, as it is massive, brutally heavy and has no possible handholds) and unplugged the old water bed heater, got the accumulated dust since we last painted, moved the air nest to the living room, all that jazz.

Jim even has the afternoon off to facilitate the event, but he has a morning meeting and they are two guys short on a four guy department.

So, of course they called and announced the bed will be delivered between 8 and noon. No amount of begging for afternoon delivery worked. And I was *sure* we asked for it when we made the initial purchase.

So, it's nearly 6am here. I am winding down and getting sleepy. Do I crawl into the nest, thereby insuring that they will come early and I will be stupid and groggy; or do I just stay up, insuring that they won't arrive till sometime around 3pm.

Choices, choices.....

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