fileg (fileg) wrote,


the sleep number guys called when they were five minutes away, set up the entire bed and left no mess at all, entire process taking about 25 minutes, and I have already had a phone call asking me to evaluate my team.

I think we will have to consider getting rid of that center portion of the headboard now that I can see for certain that the bed will fit into the space between the towers of the lightbridge. Am considering putting the moves on carpenter friend to do a slimline version so there is still a place to put down a book.

Oh my god, the bed is HUGE. (I feel like Hugo Weaving in Bedrooms and Hallways - Say it again! You're HUUUUUUUGE!) Tall is what I actually mean -- good thing we ordered the special short legs or I would need a little step upper like a toddler to get in.


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