fileg (fileg) wrote,

had this comment left for me by Terry persephonesbear

"I just realized you haven't posted since you got your new there any connection?"

While I wish this were true, Chris and I have been having "movie and meatloaf" weekend.

She started before me, by going to see Kingdom of Heaven (We were going to go again tonight, but fell into a movie trap here

Chris made a giant meatloaf - this is the quarter that is currnetly left, (picture by Jim who is still wandering around saying "Mmmmmmeatloooooaf." it was not conducive to breaking in the bed. It was conducive to being comatose on the couch)

So far, we have seen:

The regular Saturday Anime stuff
National Treasure
Fools Gold
Welcome to Collingwood
True Love and Chaos
Bourne Supremacy
Divorcing Jack
Star Trek: First Contact

we're taking a break to watch Medium and Second Sight (with Clive Owen which starts tonight on BBC America.)

But there will be more on the list by the time we stop, since Chris is staying till tomorrow evening.

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