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movie wrap up

leemoyer looks at my week of movies list and asks: That's all well and good, but how WERE they?

I started to send this to Lee, then I though I might as well share with y'all

The regular Saturday Anime stuff
-- Full Metal and Ghost in the Shell will be on my favorites list forever. The rest of what we are getting is rerun, but of it Jim and I love Trigun, Big O and Inuyasha.

National Treasure
--lots of fun, not nearly so bad as I was afraid it would be, unredeemably silly in places, but totally enjoyable. Bean doesn't hurt, of course. But I like Nicholas Cage as well. Kruuger was not as bad as in Troy, so that was nice.

Fools Gold
only the presence of Bean got us through this one. Partly the fault of the actual event concerning unpleasant, stupid people, partly the result of uninspired writing etc, to try and make the events interesting. Even Bean's character remains unlikable to the end. Some very big laughs, but they are not intentional, so...

Welcome to Collingwood
I lay on the ground laughing and crying. By far the highlight of the inept criminal portion of the evening. William Macy is god.

True Love and Chaos
I liked this one; can't vouch for the others. I even liked Hugo Weaving singing Leonard Cohen and would have taken more. I missed the heavily telegraphed twist of who turns out to be Miranda Otto's father because I had too much real world knowledge (He's only 7 years older than she) Naveen Andrews was terrific, got me wanting to smack him, and then totally winning me back.

Bourne Supremacy
I wasn't sure I was going to like this one - I still think of Richard Chamberlain when I hear the name Jason Bourne. But I liked it well enough that I am going to track down the other one for the next marathon night. The car chase at the end is its fatal flaw - I thought it went on much too long (though not as much too long as Sin City and it gave me a chance to pee)

split vote. I loved it and Chris didn't like it, and for much the same reasons, I think. it is creepy (In much the way my ex was creepy) but I was interested in the characters and the interaction from the very beginning. I find the ending uplifting in a real way, not the every-thing's fixed now way (ex - Chris made me watch About A Boy. I was unable to reach suspension of disbelief)

Divorcing Jack
Brilliant and involving. It switches gears on you so fast you could get whiplash.

Star Trek: First Contact
I had never seen it (I have not seen anything past ST6) and truthfully, I adored it. Who would have guessed that first season how much I would come to like Ryker? His face when he is in the rocket? works for me. I loved the small stuff - picard touching the rocket, all of that. I bought in to it all.

Finding Neverland
I expected to like it. I loved it. Chris and I sniffled our way through, it was lush and quiet and vibrant and moving and real. I even liked Kate Winslet, (who I think I have only previously seen in Heavenly Creatures. I liked her in that too, but it left me suspecting I would not like her in general)

Peter Pan
Chris wanted me to see this. I am glad I did, and I enjoyed watching it. I liked the scenery, both human and non. But I hated the story. I hate when people screw with the basic mythology that makes something whole. Parts of it really creeped me out and left me feeling dirty and voyeuristic.

I can't believe they are not going to make any more of the Murray Whelan mysteries, because they are wonderful. Stiff hit every emotion for me, and I wanted to watch it again when it was done. If I had been alone, I would have done. It does the obvious and overblown as a red herring, and beneath it the lines are subtle and sometimes scathing.

(break for dinner and House)
House brilliant as always, and I am waiting for Fox to be stupid enough to cancel them.

Silent Running
One of my all time favorite movies, and Chris had never seen it. It is a little dated, but holds up well. The obvious story of environmentalism is the most dated, but in the face of our current administration, has become timely and poignant again. Bruce Dern interacting with Huey and Dewey is so effective still. And just before the ending, Chris asked me a question that was basically "is this how he gets out of it?" that reminded me of seeing it for the first time.

(And how do Bruce Dern and Viggo Mortensen manage to get away with so much while never raising their voice to what the people with me consider an audible level (I don't count, because I have super hearing))

Stage Beauty
this was a recommendation from redfiona99, and we can't thank her enough. We liked everything about this, and when it ended at 5am, Chris wanted to start again on the spot. Everything about it is interesting - the time, the morals, the players, the interaction... plus the writing and the film itself was lush. it was the find of the weekend.


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