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friday fives

I don't do these very often, so it was nice to see two at once that I felt interested in answering

fannish5: What 5 shows would you like to see resurrected on the big screen?
ok, but no screwing around with mythology or replacing the cast, or thou shalt be cast into the pit and called FOX until the ending of days

1. Man from UNCLE
2. Quincy
3. Homicide. I'd even take Pembleton or Bayliss as a double or single.
4. Sharpe
5. Firefly (ok, I know we're getting this, but I can't wait, and one will never be sufficient.

fridayfiver: Last Dance

1. What's the last concert you attended?
Cliff Eberhardt last weekend.I adore Cliff's music, his politics and his sense of humor, and it had been too long since I had seen him last.

2. Who is the best live performer you've ever seen?
I have seen quite a few, but I have to say Daniel Lanois some years ago in the TLA in Philadelphia. Guh. I have also had the great good fortune to see the Oysterband half a dozen times. (I didn't count anyone I got to work with, because the experience is hard to separate)

3. You can invite 2 artists to your house, but they must sing together. Who are they and what one song will they sing?
I have had the chance to do something similar quite a few times, and that just makes this harder. I would give anything to have Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer if death was not an obstacle. I toyed with the idea of Lisa Moscatiello with Christine Collister, or Stephen Fearing with James Keelaghan. I'm going to lose my mind entirely and say John Jones of the Oysterband and Fred Eaglesmith. I don't care what the hell they want to sing, I just want to be there.

4. Pick one to see: ABBA, Jimmy Buffett or Kenny Chesney?
ABBA. First of all, I still adore them, and secondly, Buffet bores me, and who?

5. Friday Freebie: Tell us anything you want about music!
I still want to grow up to be Robin Williamson

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