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1. Total number of books I've owned: Thousands. I can't begin to guess. (hears Lee clutching his head) I will point you back to this picture, and remind you this is *not* the library, just a room with some books in it. All rooms have books in them. Plus, I have not had to move since 1982, so the accumulation factor is exceptionally high. And I worked in libraries much of my adult life.

I am only now starting not to need the massive physical presence of books, and have reached a more zen place where I hope to cut them down by a large amount.

2. Last book I bought:
I was in the bookstore with Chris last night, and I bought The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria by Laura Joh Rowland and Zen Attitude by Sujata Massey. I also bought a paper copy of Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O'Neill which was one of the books of poetry I loved as a kid. (This is a gift for Chris's niece who has begin trying her hand at poetry, especially color poetry. She's 10)

3. Last book I read or am currently reading:
I am currently reading Shane Maloney, and Sacre Blues : An Unsentimental Journey Through Quebec by Taras Grescoe. Recently read: Passage by Connie Willis (meh), The Lady and the Monk by Pico Iyer, The Eagle of the Ninth (woke up one night with a longing for Rosemary Sutcliff) and for months it seemed ploughed through the Nicholas Shakespeare bio of Bruce Chatwin, which I really looked forward to and now wish I had not gotten around to.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me:
Can't really be done. I can give you five authors, maybe...

1. Tolkien (oh, what a surprise) LotR changed my life. That it was the 60's and I was stepping onto my own spiritual walkabout - all factors, yes. But I still find something new that amazes me every single time I read them. It was over a new edition of Tolkien released for the horror that was the Rankin Bass Hobbit that I met Jim. I am not inclined to find that accidental.

2. Rosemary Sutcliff. Again, these came to me at the perfect time. I don't think I realized there was such a thing as historical fiction prior to. I still devour them every few years.

3. Opposite the Cross Keys: An East Anglian childhood and The Quivering Tree (the autobiographical stuff by S. T Haymon)
I'm not sure I can say why- but I love them and re read them every few years.

4. Jason and the Argonauts - I have no idea what version, it was 1956, had a tan cover with a dragony drawing on it. It was my first great love and I schlepped it with me everywhere when I was 4. I wrote what I now see was my first fan fic - Jason and the Argonauts go to the Pet Store - for it.

5. Everybody else. (No? sigh)

have to mention E Nesbitt, The Dark is Rising, I sing the Body Electric, Mouse Woman, Sylvia Townsend Warner and I must wedge in Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan by Will Ferguson.

tomorrow I will be appalled at what I left off the list.

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their journal:
I'm so not good at tag. Any volunteers?

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