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We had fewer movies because of very fine drop in company, and because I was walking Chris through some Photoshop-age. Because Chris stayed an extra day, I need to run all my errands tomorrow on the way to birthday dinner for Denise.

Lost most of today, too in reality since I fell asleep about 5 am, woke up and read for a bit at 6:30, and was awoken by the phone at 8:07 - and was so annoyed i was not able to go back to sleep.

This call is from the *same* charity group that woke me about three weeks ago at 8 on a Sunday morning. I knew the minute I heard them, but no matter how many times I asked "Who is this, and what are you calling about?" he refused to answer me, just asking over and over for me by the wrong name (Tay Mulberry) Eventually when he asked again if Tay Mulberry was there, and I answered pointedly "NO.". He replied "Are you his wife?"

At this point I said "you are calling for Charity X, aren't you? And I send you money every year, don't I? And I have now told you three times not to call me in the morning, because I am on a night schedule. In fact, there is no need to call me at all, you could have just sent me the pledge form. I am NEVER going to send any money to you again, ever. Thank you for your time." And I hung up on him.

I would love to be able to call him at him at 3 am.

So, I am brainless and had to nap after Chris left, which meant that Jim and I could not go barbeque with persephonesbear and family, because I was unconcho (is that a real poncho, or is that a sear's poncho?). I want my day at home while Jim is off back, you bastards.


So I have probably forgotten one or two, but I remember being awake through:

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Brush Off (this time with Chris awake)
The Sleeping Dictionary
Charlotte Gray
and about 10 episodes of Argento Soma.

the theme for the weekend seems to have been *flashbacks*

Catch up with you guys tomorrow night - miss you.

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