fileg (fileg) wrote,

The Fannish Thankful Five

1) What fandoms are you in that you are truly grateful for, and why?
I am really only in one fandom, as I would define that word; Tolkien of course. I watch other things, even read a little now and then - but this is immersion. Do you really need me to say why? You already know I'm a geek.!

OK: I am thankful for words on the page in big rowdy groups; moving pictures on the screen and in my head; people all around the globe awake at all hours of the day and night; obsessive-form poetry and the fact that it was being written in places like South America, the American South and in a Mall in Sidney Australia on ANZAC day; writing down a story for the first time; feedback and encouragement; limericks; gifts in the mail; Meeting Phil Ivy and Anrica the guard at the Two Towers exhibit in Toronto last year, and what they did for me; The fact that my husband is my partner in crime; People who were too far away who came back to share this experience; new people who are old friends and Trilogy Tuesday Tickets. To start.

2) What character are you most thankful for having been introduced to? Why?
All of them. Who they are comes through in what they do - their family, their fidelity, their fellowship. The one word answer would have to be Faramir, though in terms of what I learned, it could as easily be Aragorn.

3) Are you thankful that the fannish sub community exists? Why?
I am! Solidarity, oh my best beloveds! The electronic Anduin; the eagerness to share that shoots around the world without waiting for timezones!

4) Is fandom your primary hobby? If not, what is?
Some days. I am also pretty immersed in the concert production work, and the people I have met through it, and all I have learned. I read, therefore I am.

5) Within your fannish life, what are you most grateful for this year?
Easy - the people I have connected to, what they have shared with me, and what they have convinced me I could do - my own words, on the page, without ridicule or fear.

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