fileg (fileg) wrote,


Am off to the Prestige diner to meet up with persephonesbear and octoberscorpio (and possibly sharpiechick?)

Will consider this the official opening salvo of natal celebrating. Hey, I'm old now, it takes a long time to party like I used to.

Actually, my birthday and Jim's always fall on the same day of the week, and this year it's a Monday. Since we are so terribly grown up now, when his came up 3 weeks ago, I decided that we would open presents on Friday (he having taken the Friday and the Monday off from work) so that we could play with stuff all weekend, instead of waiting until he was about to go back to work. After all, it takes a long time to watch that much anime...

He has taken Friday and Monday off again for me, and I am hoping to catch some folks we don't see nearly enough of for dinner, and possibly a movie out instead of in. Though in is fine too, and hopefully Chris will come camp out for a marathon movie night at some point. And I have been staring at a brown packing box in the living room for a week that seems *sword* shaped to me....

All restraint to the winds, I intend to eat things I normally forbid myself, so I may sleep the entire weekend with a carb hangover, or post like a drunken fool under the influence of white sugar...

Tonights item of forbidden delight is going to be the Thursday night Prestige Pea Soup!!

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