fileg (fileg) wrote,

mmm, jim and I had dinner with Chris elladans_witch and Terry persephonesbear. Terry will be empty nesting in a few weeks, so maybe I'll cajole her out on a semi regular basis.

Shutdown weekend for jim's department, so it may be well after midnight before he drags home tomorrow (and possibly saturday as well) Chris has volunteered to have girls weekend with me (we just include jim in these if he does get home - he was raised in the women's tent anyway.) We agreed tonight to each have at least 2 movies ready in our ques, since we have been wasting too much time picking out the next round.

We have fallen in love with an insane anime called Trouble Chocolate, and we still have three disks of that to go. She was also incautious enough to buy me seasons 1&2 of Quincy (mmmmm, Robert Ito....) and she may regret that soon. I am dying to photoshop a Quincy/CSI crossover for one of my icon games and see who's old enough to catch it.

currently watching: White Cliffs of Dover

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