fileg (fileg) wrote,


August 23, 2005

I was on the phone with Chris today, and I mentioned I wanted to make some icons of Colin Mockery as the nabisco Snack Fairy - which brought up one of those magical moments we shared together - graphitti so amusing (to me, anyway) that I actually pulled her into the stall in the ladies room to see it. It looked, roughly, like this, scratched into the back of the door:

It's a good thing I encountered it where I did. So many childhood references in one spot.

This story is all the more amusing if you realize that we were at a club of the type we would never have gone to by choice (for me, that would be any club really, unless live music is the point of the trip) but Chris's mom was trying to win a trip to England and this "party" was one of the stops along the way. The words Beach Party and New Hampshire Coast are enough to get me rolling on the floor laughing now.

Do not ask about the karakoe, the confused cop who stopped us on the way home and discovered that jim had no year of birth on his driver's license (in his defense, the car did smell like a mobile brewery, but only one of us drinks and he was asleep in the jump seat - leading to the term "designated drinker" and to calling out "snausages" when a police car follows us) or the 20 person pancake house breakfast (mmmm hash bash smash!!)
Tags: brown acid, language

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