fileg (fileg) wrote,

runaway conversation, illustrated by jim....

it started out innocently enough. I'm not even sure where it escaped from us....

I was checking the html links on a website-- that click, followed by the two finger key return. About 600 times in, I got a weird cramp in the top surface of my -return- hand, and I complained to jim (notarysojac). He was happy to tell me that there are no muscles in the back of the hand, just tendons. I said I was inventing some anti-form of carpal tunnel, which he promptly dubbed "Carpal Bridge" syndrome.

He flexed my hand a couple of times, while I chanted "tunnel, bridge, tunnel, bridge" which led to me declaring that I was suffering from Chesapeake Bay Syndrome. (I suppose that will only make sense if you've ever been over that enormous tunnel/bridge combo)

I was fine up to that point, but then he said something I didn't catch, but which led to the following illustrated (by jim) theory of underwear in Arda:

What I thought he had said was "days and monks", and I told him I didn't think Monk would have days of the week on his underwear. A short while later this landed on my desktop:

Underwear of Middle Earth
(admittedly exacerbated by the needs of travel)

Faramir (Isilya)

Boromir (Orime)

Aragorn (Coire)

Tags: arda, jim

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