fileg (fileg) wrote,

just a quick post, really just to help me keep my resolution about writing something every day.

Spent all day wrestling with Dreamweaver on a project that should have taken an hour or so. The kind of day where - if I had made icons and played with my sims all day, I would be feeling guilty and unproductive, but after working in the html mines all day, I am very little further forward anyway, and terrible cranky.

There are days I truly believe the house gods of technology bedevil me just because their beloved jim has gone to work and cannot intervene. I need better house spirits, or perhaps some candles in scents like wd-40 or fresh ozone.

Had a phone call from the long missing and much missed mr John McVey! So good to know he has not dropped off the radar completely, and in fact is beginning to talk about a possible new album someday soon...

we are watching Sakura Wars, and I am becoming possessed by the theme song. I also could not resist capping out a wallpaper of the flower warriors making a rude gesture in the middle of their dance. I am sensing an icon here. Ah, and must find Manuel from watery fowl Fawlty Towers, too......

I am: fractious


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