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Sworn Man - for the LoTR100 Passion Challenge

The phrase I wrote this for has been in my “River” notes for a while, but this, in this form, is for mrkinch who precipitated it tonight.

Sworn Man

Something stirred in my heart the moment I saw him ride in. His brother’s face was there, and Striders’s bearing, and something that was all his own. He was weary, filthy and harried, yet he shone like a star.

My soul stirred again this morning as I watched him ride away. His father’s edict was a burden that weighed upon his heart, but his pain was for his men. His life was Gondor's; Denethor could not break his spirit or resolve.

I knew already I would be his sworn man forever. I had simply given my fealty to the wrong Steward of Gondor.
Tags: arda, drabble, fiction

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