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you got to have friends....

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I have resisted this half a dozen times, but leemoyer's answers compelled me to try

1.~How did you meet persephonesbear?
she was sitting at the desk in front of mine, playing with a wrench and contemplating mayhem

2.~What would you do if you had never met octoberscorpio?
i would be sadder, but unaware of why

3.~What do you honestly think of jalitha?
she's my heart sister - we have had some sister issues *G*

4.~Would or did sharpiechick and auntdenise go out?
I think they went out for more ice at one of our shows....

5.~Have you ever liked sunspiral?
I liked him on sight (but not that way)

6.~If mrkinch died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know?
I refuse to contemplate any dying questions. And I hope mrkinch knows what I need her to know, since I don't make a habit of not telling people how I feel about them. *hugs* mrkinch for good measure.

7.~Would folzgold and elladans_witch make a good couple?
there are several things they would make a good couple of ...

8.~Describe leemoyer in 3 words:
lee needs at least a drabble. But Honorable, Quick and FIne

9.~Do you think sharpiechick is hot?
yes *G*

10.~Would mrkinch and roadkillgod make a lovely couple?
oh, so not....

11.~What do you think of when you see auntdenise?
where are the deviled eggs?

12.~Tell me something humiliating about elladans_witch:
we don't consider it humiliating, but she gave me my first porn headache

13.~Do you know any of sharpiechick's family members?
I know all of sharpiechicks immediate family members, except savannah

14.~What's sharpiechick's favorite color?
if she could only have one crayon, it would have to be multi or black

15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is sharpiechick?
about a 12, yes?

16.~What would you do if edrys just professed their undying love for you?
hug her right back, and take her out crusing for musicians

17.~What language does sharpiechick speak?

18.~Who is notarysojac going out with?
me. and I have swords, so back off.

19.~Is shuttergal a boy or a girl?
shuttergal is a goddess

20.~Would markbark and edrys make a good couple?
not my first choice...

21.~Who do you think roozle would be great with from this list?
her husband sunspiral? Just a guess

22.~When was the last time you talked to sharpiechick?
we had dinner last thursday

23.~What is sunspiral's favorite band?
I bet it changes a lot, but I do remember he likes the Pogues

24.~Does folzgold have any siblings?

25.~Would you ever date sharpiechick?
there are a lote of dating questions, huh? Look, I've been married for 27 years.... but anyone in their right mind would date sharpiechick or octoberscorpio

26.~Would you ever date leemoyer?
our runequest characters dated briefly...

27.~Is roozle single?

28.~What is sharpiechick's last name?
chick. can't you read? I don't spill stuff like that online.

29.~What is markbark's middle name?
eeep. no clue

30~What is jalitha's fantasy?
her partner skya is her fantasy

31.~Where does shuttergal live?
in a mansion that no longer has a gazebo, with lee

32.~Would you make out with persephonesbear?
if I liked girls, I would

33.~Are octoberscorpio and sharpiechick best friends?
very likely

34.~Does leemoyer like sharpiechick?
mmmm yes. he can get himself out of trouble if that gets him in

35.~How did you meet markbark?
At the bunglow? its lee's fault

36.~Is sharpiechick older than you?
sharpiechick's mom is not older than me

37.~Is roadkillgod the sexiest person alive?
I'm not in that market, but I often think of him when I watch anime, since he has that look. You can make your own guess from there.
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