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drabble: artisan

for the challenge "Art" at tolkien_weekly


Art was a family tradition, and artifice one of our best known arts.

I thought I could escape — use the purity of art to purify myself. Distancing myself from my father and his deeds, I hammered out my fëa on my forge, striving always to create knowledge as fair as its form.

In the moment of my greatest joy, the doom in my blood fell upon me. “Ash nazg” it whispered in my brain as I first held Narya.

Ah, grandfather, I understand. It took from me not only the things, but the faith to use the hand that made them.

**note: I could not find any citation for the order Celebrimbor made the rings in, but the particulars of Narya's power and the relationship of its element to this picture made me confidant enough to use it here.

Tags: arda, drabble, fiction, tolkien

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