fileg (fileg) wrote,


I am too lonely for a mythical place, too disconnected from the words that are my foundation.

It's time to read LotR, slowly and savoringly. I haven't *really* read it since I was reading with jcd1013's inklings - one of the best experiences I've had with the text - going so slow, making myself put into words what I didn't know I knew -- I believe my fic came directly from that experience. But I never made it through book 3 with them. Partly it was time constraints, back and forth to Long Island, etc - but part of it, I must admit, may have been that loudmouthed elf in my brain refusing to let me get to Minas Tirith.

Anyway, it's time, and past time.

Because the anticipation of things is nearly my favorite part, I've decided to wait until the Bilbo/Frodo/(Wenham) birthday. I'll put the books on the headboard tonight.

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