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tolkien: prologue

I read just the intro and the prologue to LotR last night (while Jim, who had slept on the couch for about three hours suddenly became wide awake as I dragged him off to bed at 5 and began reading the Angel Sanctuary mangas which he was still doing up to about an hour ago when he ran out of volumes we have)

It has been so long I can't remember reading the prolog for the first time, but I was startled by the post ring war and fourth age information and how abundant it is. I can remember worrying over the fate of everyone as I read the first time - yet here in the prologue, the professor talks amiably about Frodo writing the books, Sam's children and grandchildren, Pippin moving south and his grandchildren having a copy of the redbook corrected in Gondor for things like elvish, and it not coming back to the shire until after the death of the king, Merry's books and Faramir's grandson writing the Aragorn and Arwen bits, etc...

Did I tear through it so fast that first time that this all missed the brain? Or was it simply that I didn't know these people yet, and was only nodding politely to their chatter on a warm evening. Did I convince myself that I didn't want to know, or did I enter so fully into the moment as I read that it didn't matter that I knew, because like the fourth age, that was just things that would come, but could not aid us here?

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