fileg (fileg) wrote,

so that's what boys do....

we're watching anime (surprise) and jim is doing a running commentary for me when I can't look up. "They left him to clean up the boys dorm," he says, and then begins to detail what he thinks this will entail: carefully stacking the porn mags; pick up all the saki bottles, wash the wank out of the towels...

*giggles* I love my boy. He washes the towels here, too, but I won't speculate on what that means.


Gah, I have an 11 am appointment with my eye doctor. Must tell him not to do anything that requires dilating my eyes because we are headed to the early afternoon Serenity with Chris after.

I was originally not so happy about the early morning appointment, but since it meant Jim had the day off for the movie, that made things much better.

I have no idea how they can tell how my vision is at pre-noon appointments since my eyes are still glued shut. Plus, it's a long standing joke between Dr Neiheisher and I that I have long ago memorized the card with the tiniest writing - so when they ask what the smallest paragraph I can read is, I usually begin "Our small boat moved downstream...." before he gets the card into the holder.

I probably should think about getting a spare pair of glasses. My current backup is a pair of sunglasses, but they only have my distance prescription - I am so used to the varilux that they make me feel queasy when I wear them now.

Perhaps he'll talk jim into a prescription pair for reading when he has his contacts in instead of the drugstore pair that leave grooves in his head.

must try to sleep, I guess, though that trick never works....
Tags: anime, boys, domestic life

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