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by the time I post this, it will be history and I'll be out the other side of my fury, but I have to write this now while I am seething. Stupid bloody comcast is out again.

I'm not so stupid as to blame them for what might be beyond their control. I don't, at this moment, know what caused the outage. But I am completely enraged by all parts of their damn phone message.

I started to lose it when I got the part that said "Please hold and we will try to continue to connect you." Could we at least have "continue to try to connect you?" or do you think, as I do, they might know exactly what they are saying.

Then, when we got to the smarmy voice with just a hint of a laugh saying "due to a large number of calls ((at 2 am)) we cannot connect you with a service representative. We hope you will call us at another time. Thank you for choosing Comcast." And then - the bloody thing Hangs Up!!

How rude is that! And sure, I'll just call some other afternoon when nothing is wrong, and we'll chat, why don't I? The fact that I know damn well you won't even look into the problem until you get the needed number of calls from one area shouldn't bother me. It's not like leaving a message, perhaps would have done any good.

So, I called the internet service side and very nearly made a young man named Steve consider quitting his job. He was completely useless, except for enraging me more by spouting the party line, (and ps - Steve? When an enraged madwoman is on the line at 2am, I don't recommend calming her down by saying you can't do anything about the internet as long as the tv lines are down, and you have no way of knowing if they'll be down an hour or three or four days..... just sayin', Steve-o) so I will spare you all that.

You know, every time I hear that someone has gone postal somewhere, my first thought is - Not at COMCAST? What a waste....


I just went to get the mail, and found that the excessive noise the grounds crew (that is: young men with no horticultural experience who last about 3 months) was making was because they cut down my lilac.

I am: disgruntled
Tags: comcast, comcastic, wrath

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